Worldwide Access

With HotSnail you can read your snail mail anywhere in the world. Through our online interface you can update your forwarding address at any time.

Secure Webpage

HotSnail uses up to date SSL certificates to ensure maximum security of your confidental documents.

User Interface

HotSnail has the most sophistocated, secure and easy to use online mail management system in Australia

User friendly

HotSnail is extremely user friendly and easy to use. Anyone can navigate the online interface, no matter what your computing skills.


If you have the opportunity to benefit from Australia's mining boom and heading away from home for your own piece of gold you will still need to manage your services at home. Registrations, bills and other correspondence need to get to you, the easiest solution is to employ HotSnail's Mail Forwarding / Mail Scanning and Virtual Office. You don't even need to forward your Snail Mail, you can simply read it online in our digital mailbox system.

Virtual Office

Need a business presence in Australia or a particular city? Need a physical address or PO Box in Australia? Your customers prefer to do business with companies that have a local address, it builds security around your brand but who is going to collect and provide you with your mail? HotSnail's Mail Forwarding and Mail Scanning business provides you with a Virtual Office where you can read and manage your mail online with your own Digital Mailbox.